Projects & Collaboration

Passion, Swarm and Love:  AndPash enjoy and love collaboration with other companies. AndPash is interested in all kinds of designs and crafts.
Artistic creativity and passion for design without too strict rules or guidelines. Thanks to all lovely, passionate and professional people who support and collaboration with AndPash. You all have your own passion and are people who follow your dreams, money comes less, you do it with Love and with your soul. Passion and design with soul is just what the brand AndPash stand for it’s to less of that in todays consumer society. Many crafts is dying in Sweden.

I’m so lucky to have so much skilled friends around me. You wake up my ideas and make it possible to make them real. We not just have design in common we all have a interest for nature. These is people who follow their dreams and they have helped me to be brave,

I have just begin my travel. // Love And Pash, C/ O Anna Spånberg

Peder Wigdell

Professional: Flyetier

Peder Wigdell, tied flies for 35 years and is one of Swedens best flies tier, he ties realistic flies which looks real. Peder has also been nominated for Flybinder in FiskFever in year 2015.
He makes AndPash flat flies sketches to comes alive.
It’s attached at the silverrings that you can find in the webbshop.

Weronica Ziemann

Professional: Silversmith

The company WZ Jewelery was formed in 2010 and the launch of the jewelery took place in conjunction with the Wedding Fair at the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm on January 28-30, 2011 and has since received fantastic feedback from both customers and the media. Bla bride and hair jewelry received a lot of attention and have been featured in the Ladies World Wedding Special, Expressen and others. The silverrings for AndPash is produced & hand made in Weronicas atelier.

Magnus Kvick

Professional: Action/Extreme sport Photographer from Sweden

Collaboration with Anna Spånbergs when he photoshoot her artistic runaway collection – Into The Wilderness outside. One of the most famous photos from the photoshoot was taken infront of Swedens highest Waterfall , Njuperskär.

The result become an exhibition at Naturrum, radio and a report in SVT television.

The exhibition at naturrum was seen by over 30 000 people. The photos become poster and postcard which is sold at Naturrum and at the web shop. It has been posted worldwide. This collaboration and postcard was the start for the brand AndPash.

Magnus has also took photos for this website.


Professional: Furier and hatter

Professional and have worked for years in the fur business.