The ring is inspired by nature and fly fishing-

Genuine handmade silver rings in recycled 925silver for best quality without pores and is nickel free.
It’s design by Anna Spånberg and made at Weronica Ziemann Jewellery.
In the project three different crafts have been brought together– Design, silversmith and flye tie.

These feathers are chosen after they have moulted and shed naturally, from exotic birds at Kullhollen Farm in Dalarna, Sweden.

The rings is delivered in recyclable boxes and bags of kraft paper with –
AndPash logos.
The flies are bound by one of Sweden’s best flye tier Peder Wigdell and Evert Spånberg. Limited edition.

The rings are 100% handcraft, MADE IN SWEDEN – not mass-produced.

(Deliverytime 1 month)

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