Jackets / Coats

Our custom made jackets are truly one of a kind.
Premium unique leather clothes.
Leather is a natural product.
Made and produced by professional Swedish eko tanneries Tranås, Tärnsjö
and Kero in Pajala.
These are some of the World’s finest leather goods.

Hand crafted and tailored in Sweden’s best leather and fur atelier.

And Pash tries to use leather from Swedish fauna and often uses recycled materials for core values of sustainability and a respect for nature.

Please send a mail if you will like to order a personal jacket. We will help to measure you.
And let us now if you have wishes about color, size and material.

The models is available for retailers as well, but then we will make the production abroad to make it possible to manage a a bigger order of same model with a suitable price. Contact info@andpash.se if you want to book a sales meeting.

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