Jewellery project: THE FLY

Designer: Anna Spånberg

Big size fly – 2500:-SEK

Medium size fly- 2050:- SEK

Special order, wish your own favorite fly – 2195:- SEK 

 The ring is inspired by nature and fly fishing-

Genuine handmade silver rings in recycled 925silver for best quality without pores and is nickel free. It’s design by Anna Spånberg and made at Weronica Ziemann Jewellery.
In the project three different crafts have been brought together– Design, silversmith and flye tie.

The rings is delivered in recyclable boxes and bags of kraft paper with –  And pash loggos.
The flies are bound by one of Sweden’s best flye tier Peder Wigdell and Evert Spånberg. Limited edition.

The rings are 100% handcraft, MADE IN SWEDEN – not mass-produced.

(Deliverytime 1 month) 


Red spot, medium size
Green dragonfly, medium size











Posters / postcards

Designer: Anna Spånberg Photo: Magnus Kvick

Poster 70X100 cm 250:- SEK
Delivery in postertub made of recycled carton, perfect design for give away.

The posters can also be order in canvas, contact for price.

Postcard A5 300g (Svanenmärkt / Nordic Swan) 40:- SEK

Motif: The Waterfall
Collection: Into the Wilderness
Motif: The Black Grouse Collection: Into The Wilderness
Motif: The Badger
Collection: Into The Wilderness